One of our specialities is renovating existing greenhouses or industrial halls. For instance, replacing the roof or facade systems or making your greenhouse more sustainable using solar panels instead of glass. Together, we will look at the possibilities and guide and support you throughout the process. Our cooperation ensures excellent results!


With current gas prices, making your greenhouse sustainable is something you constantly hear more about. We at R vd Loos will help you determine whether there are possibilities to make your greenhouse more sustainable. Think about installing solar panels or sandwich panels for better insulation. By applying the latest innovations, we will always think along with you about the possibilities when renovating.

Garden centre

We are also the right partner for renovating garden centres. Facades and roofs are fitted with polycarbonate and sandwich insulation boards where possible, providing good insulation and a sleek appearance. In most cases, you can leave your garden centre open so you don’t lose turnover. After this metamorphosis, your garden centre will be future-proof.

About us.

After more than 25 years of experience in greenhouse construction, we have gained sufficient experience with every type of greenhouse one can realise. We, therefore, offer several services. For renovation, repair, maintenance, construction and demolition, you are in good hands with us. We are available throughout Europe with excellent staff. Quality and service are of paramount importance to us. Would you like to know more? Feel free to look further.